How To Choose A Pressure Washer?

The pressure washer is designed for non-contact cleaning of cars, bicycles, garden furniture, concrete paths, paving slabs and other surfaces that are difficult or impossible to clean with a regular brush or cloth.

Water comes out of the sink nozzle at a pressure of about 100 bar – this is enough to beat off even the most old dirt and not damage the paint. To simplify the procedure, the sink can be equipped with a foaming agent and a water filter, which will extend its service life.

How household pressure washers differ from professional

Pressure washers differ in class: they can be household or professional. Household options are cheaper and more compact, but their service life is much lower than that of more advanced models.

Household models also cannot work without interruptions to cool the pump and motor. The maximum pressure that household sinks can develop does not exceed 160 bar, and the water consumption is 400 liters per hour.

For professional models, the outlet pressure of the jet can be up to 500 bar, but such sinks are more expensive and are heavier.

What is the difference between gasoline and electric car washes

Electric car washes can operate on a 220 V network, and professional models can operate at 300–400 V. You can also find car washes on sale that operate on a 12V network. These are small-sized devices that can be connected to the vehicle’s on-board network, but the maximum pressure they do not exceed 10 bar. Such devices can be used for cleaning not very large areas.

Gasoline-powered car washes can operate autonomously in places where there is no electricity; most often they have increased power. Such devices weigh a lot, therefore, they are equipped with a trolley with wheels, which facilitates their transportation.

Why does the sink need a container for detergent

When using a pressure washer, do not add detergents to the water in advance, as they may damage the appliance. The agent should get into the water after it has passed the pump that increases the pressure. To do this, many sinks provide foaming agents that mix liquid with detergent.

Usually, first, the car or paving slabs are treated with water and foam, left for a few minutes, and only after that they start cleaning the surface with a jet of water.

Why do I need a function of taking water from a tank

Most household washers can only be connected to a water supply with a pressure of 3-5 bar, which the device raises to a value of 100 bar. However, such models cannot be used in places where there is no central water supply. Professional models are most often equipped with a liquid intake system from any container, which allows them to be used without being connected to the water supply.

What nozzles do high pressure washers have?

The fan nozzle expands the stream of water that comes out of the sink nozzle – this “scraper” is convenient for treating large surfaces. If you need to increase the force of impact, then you can bring the nozzle closer to the surface to be cleaned.

The point jet is used to clean heavily soiled objects and to rinse out cavities where other nozzles cannot be inserted.

Another type of attachment is a mud cutter. It makes the water jet rotate in a circle, thus covering a large area and making it easier to clean large surfaces.